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Where it all began

We are restaurant industry veterans. We believe that quality matters, customer service matters, and we stake our reputation on every bit of produce that we grow and sell.

We grow hydroponic lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers on 1 acre.

We also have a 1 acre, no-till organic market garden where we grow a wide variety of seasonal produce in soil that we nurture endlessly.

You can expect to receive the very best that we have to offer in every order!

Our farm began in 2017. We built it from the ground up, literally. Our greenhouses were reclaimed from a defunct nursery outside of Dallas. We built the first greenhouse with battery operated tools charged by small scale solar panels since there was no grid power for the first year and a half. We also had no municipal water so we brought it to the farm in 5 gallon buckets. Through perseverance and sheer determination we now have 16,000 sqft of greenhouse growing space and produce around 7,000 plants every week.

"If we attack our problems with determination, we shall succeed"

- Franklin D. Roosevelt