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No-till Soil

TIlling disturbs the soil and the beneficial organisms that make up the food soil web. At verdegreens we construct no-till beds and do our best to support the worms, beneficial bacteria, and fungi that convert the elements locked up in the compost and native soil and make it available to the plants.

We made this soil over a span of three years on top of the native "gumbo". A combination of leaf mold compost, and clay soil mixed with composted vegetative matter from the vegetables we grow on the farm have slowly developed into rich, black soil that allows us to produce a broad selection of root vegetables, peppers, eggplant and so much more.


At verdegreens we grow lettuce, leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers using a hydroponic method. Nutrients and beneficial organisms are added to filtered water in a recirculating system. This method has no waste or runoff and uses up to 90% less water than conventional farming. We find it to be a great method for year round production of leafy green plants. Hydroponics also allows for a much denser concentration of plants than is possible in field grown crops. We utilize insect screen to keep out pests and employ predatory insects when necessary. Hydroponics isn't the perfect method for all vegetables but it is a fantastic way to grow tremendous amounts of nutritiously dense food in smaller spaces.