Head Grower and Tractor Mechanic


Meet Kyle Wiebe, our Head Grower and a dynamic individual with a diverse skill set. Born in Houston, Kyle's roots run deep in the heart of Texas.

Classically trained as a chef at the Houston Art Institute, Kyle spent 15 years honing his culinary skills in the world of fine dining. His culinary journey not only showcased his creativity in the kitchen but also laid the foundation for his ventures in farming, where his knowledge of vegetables and culinary herbs is unparalleled. 

Beyond the culinary and agricultural worlds, Kyle found a passion for technology. As an IT consultant and networking expert, Kyle holds certifications from Cisco CCNA and Microsoft MCSA, demonstrating his expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of information technology.

Whether in the kitchen, the tech realm, or the greenhouse, Kyle embodies the spirit of an innovator and a problem solver. His journey from a classically trained chef to a certified IT professional, to a partner at Verdegreens reflects his adaptability and determination to excel in any endeavor he undertakes.

Second Assistant Ditch Digger, Picture-taker


Meet Billy Trainor, a Houston native who has led a life of exploration and learning. His background, marked by a degree in English Language and Literature from Harvard University, includes a long-term stint as an expatriate and world traveler: Billy worked for over a decade as a professional tutor in Taipei, Taiwan, where he also served as the co-owner of multiple units of the fast-casual restaurant called Toasteria Café.

Beyond his rich history in the hospitality industry, Billy is also a seasoned photographer and a marketing specialist, bringing a creative touch to his entrepreneurial pursuits. Whether capturing moments through his lens or devising innovative marketing strategies, Billy’s global experiences and diverse skill set define him as a true entrepreneur.